The development of a player is a individual pathway set upon by each soccer player.  While a player's final destination may be similar to those around them their journey itself is a very unique process.  Some reaching that destination sooner with less effort applied and some reach that destination later with a great deal of effort having been applied.

We have devised a document geared towards educating everyone about the level of effort required to develop as a soccer player.  There is no short cut to this process and players/families must understand overall that the more a player can do with a ball the more they will enjoy the game.  Over the course of their athletic career, academic studies, and work life the more an individual can add, in general the higher esteem they will be held.

With specific regard to soccer the more an individual can do with the ball the more they will enjoy the game.  The more an individual can do with the ball the more they will play as from a coaching standpoint coaches want good technically efficient players who can handle the ball well.  So regardless if you measure your experience by the amount you play or by the impact you have on the game, the more you can do with the ball, the more you will enjoy the game.  

Finally, the more you can do with the ball is based solely on how much effort you put in to improving your relationship with the ball.  This is based on hours and hours of training (normally outside of a game environment) where you develop a relationship with the ball.  Then when you enter a game setting and there is pressure from opponents when you resort to your training and instinct takes over you can work through situations with a clear head as opposed to panicking.