Lake Oswego Soccer Club Youth Soccer League Frequently Asked Questions




How do I register my son/daughter to play soccer for the Lake Oswego Soccer Club Youth Program?

Please click on the link from the homepage or on the Spring & Fall Youth Soccer page, you can always click on "Login" from the upper right of the homepage. Registration is typically open from April 15th - August each year.

How can I have my child placed on a specific team? How are teams formed?

The Online Process has fields that allow you to request a specific coach and/or specific teammates. The teams are created by volunteer Age Group Coordinators, who follow this protocol: coach requests, teammate requests, players that played on the same team in the prior year, keeping players with the same school mates. As you can imagine, with over 2000 players, we can only do our best to accommodate request, BUT CANNOT PROMISE THAT ANY SPECIFIC REQUESTS WILL BE HONORED for your specific age group.

Can my child move from one team to another?

If you are unsatisfied with your players' placement, contact the Age Group Coordinator and explain why you feel your player should be moved. It might be impossible that the request can be honored, but we will look in to it.

Is my child allowed to play up an age level?

Players are encouraged to play within their own specific age group. Any requests to play up should be made to the Director of Youth Development. Please email

When are late fees applied?

Our early discount ends in the middle of June each year

When does registration begin?

Registration will open on or around April 15th each year

If I have questions regarding registration whom do I contact?

Contact the LOSC office.

What do my registration fees cover?

Your registration fees cover the following:
Administration at the LOSC office
Referee fees
Referee coordinator and educator
Internal Coach Education Program
Equipment such as balls, cones, pennies, coach t-shirt
Maintenance & Purchase of goals
Dedicated LOSC staff member (Director of Youth Development) committed to the youth soccer program

What forms of payment are accepted?


When do I find out what team my son/daughter is on and who their teammates are?

Teams will be given to the coaches by mid-August. If the coach does not contact you by August 30, please contact the Age Group Coordinator.

How can I make a tax-deductible donation to LOSC?

Please email

What is your refund policy?

This is dependent on when you decide to cancel your child's registration. If it is before the event occurs we will refund the fee less a small adminstrative fee. This fee covers the cost of the registration event as well as the credit card processing fee. If you decide to cancel once an event begins we will look at these on a case by case basis and decide if a refund is in order. Please email if you have any questions.


How do I register to coach soccer for the Lake Oswego Soccer Club Youth Program?

There should be a link on the homepage or on the Spring & Fall Youth Soccer page, if not you can always click on "Login" from the upper right of the homepage..

What forms are required for me to coach?

You will be required to register as a coach in our system as well as a background check that is ran by a national governing body.

What resources are provided via the Club to assist with my practices?

We have numerous training plans and ideas on our coach resource page, you can also email for more ideas.

When will I get my roster?

You will get your roster at the coaches meeting in mid-August or from your AGC after the meeting

When are game schedules available?

Game schedules will be available for you at the beginning of September, games will begin the Saturday after Labor Day

Where do I get our coaching equipment for the season?

Equipment will be at the LOSC office ready to pick up towards the end of August and at the annual coaches meeting.

Where do I practice?

Fields are first come first serve, we will provide a list of fields that are available to us in the fall. There are some fields that are unavailable and they will also be included in this list.

Where can I find the Rules for the league?

You can find them on the relevant section of the website for that particular age group.


When will our practices begin?

That will be determined be your team coach but practices typically begin towards the end of August.

How many practices will we have each week?

Again this will depend on your team coach, but it will likely be between 1 and 2.

When and where are games played?

Pre-K through 4th grade games are played throughout the city of Lake Oswego. Grades 5 through 12th play in the Soccer 5 League and some games will be in West Linn, Tigard, Oregon City or Wilsonville

How many games will there be over the course of the season?

Each team should play between seven and eight games

When does the season end?

The season typically ends the last weekend of October

Are there any other soccer programs offered once the season ends?

Yes, there are different opportunities such as Spring Youth Soccer, YDP, Oswego Juniors, and Recreational Soccer Camps. Check the website for more information or contact:


When do we get our uniforms?

Contact Tursi's Soccer Store (503) 635-2202 and they will inform you when they are expected to be available. Uniforms are NOT provided as part of your registration fee.

Where do we get our uniforms?

Tursi's Soccer Store, 10831 SW Cascade Ave Suite A Tigard 97223. Tursi's is located in the same building as Rose City Futsal West.


My child has played soccer for a number of seasons and would like to become a referee. Whom should we contact?

Please contact Travis Schoonover and he will furnish you with the required information.

What kind of referee training is provided?

Referee training takes place prior to the recreational soccer season. There is a field session where existing and potential referees are trained.

What are the requirements for someone to be a referee?

They have to be interested in soccer and at least in 7th grade

If we have a complaint regarding a referee whom should we contact?



My child has really enjoyed the youth soccer experience. What other programs does the Lake Oswego Soccer Club provide for my child that are a little more focused?

Check out our YDP (Youth Development Program) and Oswego Juniors Program. You can find comprehensive details at our website under the YDP section and Oswego Juniors under the COMPETITIVE PROGRAM. Oswego Juniors caters towards the more focused player.


How do I file a grievance?

The grievance must be lodged in writing and must be signed by the person or persons registering the complaint
The written complaint will be directed to the LOSC Director of Youth Development:

Director of Youth Development
Lake Oswego Soccer Club
PO Box 1372
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

In the event that the complaint must be dealt with immediately, the DYD will consult with the LOSC Executive committee and a decision will be made on behalf of the board
Complaints directed towards league officials, coaches, referees (PLEASE NOTE - JUDGEMENT CALLS WILL NOT BE REVIEWED), players, and parents will be handled as follows:

DYD will consult the individual involved and detail the complaint.
The original letter of complaint will not be sent but a new letter will be drafted. The letter will require the recipient to reply within seven (7) days following the mailing of the letter from the LOSC office.
In consultation with the board, the LOSC DYD will consider the complaint along with reply from the implicated individual.
Action, if any, will be taken.
DYD will inform those involved of action taken. This will be in the form of mail sent within seven (7) days of the next board meeting.
DYD will make a record of the incident and record will be kept on file at the LOSC office.

If I am interested in volunteering for the Club, whom do I contact?

Contact the LOSC Director of Youth Development and he will direct you to the person that you need to speak to. You can e-mail him at:

If there is a question that you have that is not addressed in this area then please let us know. You can e-mail: