The purpose of this page is to try to answer any general questions you may have regarding our Classic soccer program. If you browse this page and do not see a question that you believe is relevant then please e-mail fraser@losc.org and let us know.

Lake Oswego Soccer Club

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Lake Oswego Soccer Club Structure

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Lake Oswego Soccer Club Structure

What is the mission of the Club?

"Our commitment is to achieve excellence in player development, teamwork, and sportsmanship by providing the highest quality programs for Club members in a fun, challenging, and safe environment".

What is the philosophy of LOSC?

Pretty simple. We help develop soccer players. This is through a process whereby everyone has a part to play. The club provides quality coaches, facilities, and a training curriculum designed to take players through each step from U6 to U18.

Players have a responsibility to ensure that they work as hard as they can and that they also make as many team trainings/games as they can. We do not make any events mandatory but players need to understand that there is a 'natural consequence' in the event that they miss a number of opportunities to develop.

Parents have a responsibility to help their children through the process. It is important to understand that by signing up for a competitive sports team you are placing your child in an environment where their feelings can be hurt. This does not mean that we have crazy coaches running around yelling and screaming at children and we expect parents to be okay with that. It means that over the course of the year our coaches develop players and get them involved in games but there are times of the season (high level tournaments and State Cup) where we elevate the importance of winning. This is important to acknowledge as soccer is a 'team sport' so as a result there are rare occasions where the importance of the team is raised above the importance of the individual.

Parents interested in familiarizing themselves with our developmental curriculum should go to the ABOUT US section above and then click on the CLUB PHILOSOPHY link in the ABOUT US section.

How old is LOSC?

Lake Oswego Soccer Club was formed in 1974.

How big is the LOSC?

The club currently has approximately 2,300 members. This figure is made up of roughly 1,900 Recreational soccer players, 250 Competitive soccer players, and 150 Oswego Juniors players (U8 to U10).

What is Classic Soccer?

Classic soccer provides a level of competition beyond SPRING AND FALL YOUTH SOCCER. Classic soccer is governed by OYSA and therefore teams from all over the State participate within Classic soccer leagues. As of the 2016/2017 soccer season the levels of play are as such:

Premier Gold - Premier Silver - Div 1 - Div 2 - Div 3 etc (Divisions are formed based on team strength).

What are the goals of the Classic Soccer Program?

Our commitment is to achieve excellence in player development, teamwork, and sportsmanship by providing the highest quality programs for Club members in a fun, challenging, and safe environment.

Demand that the importance of academics and citizenship precede athletics.

Maintain the spirit of the individual player while contributing to the collective energy of team play.

Provide a soccer environment, which has joyous enthusiasm.

We aim to develop soccer players and young individuals who are contributing members of their communities.

The club strives to create an environment for each player to develop their skills in a fun, positive, and educational setting.

Who runs the Classic Program?

A Director of Coaching oversees the LOSC Classic soccer program. The following support staff assists the Director of Coaching:

Director of Youth Development


Business Manager

Player Questions

How old do I have to be to play on a Classic Soccer team?

As of 2016 as per the mandate from US Soccer Federation LOSC teams will be formed by birth year

2006, 2005, 2004, and 2003

How long does the season last?

The Classic Soccer year incorporates the year from tryouts in May through to April of the following year.

After tryouts in May your team will select some summer tournaments. Summer tournaments are selected based on the number of players available.

The team will likely be given a week or two off during the summer.

The main fall season begins the weekend after Labor Day and for first team's runs through the middle of November. For 2nd team's the season will go through late October and then the Director's Cup (end of fall season tournament for 2nd teams) will last through November.

After the fall season team's typically play indoor and this is organized through the team.

Crossfire Oregon run a Winter Academy which takes place in December and January so there is no organized training during this time.

Training for the spring season starts up in February and then games for team's who plan to participate in State Cup will begin in mid-February and end at the beginning of April. Team's who do not plan on participating in State Cup will have their games begin in late February and end in late April.

State Cup/Presidents Cup takes place in April and finishes in early May.

Tryouts then take place just after State Cup.

State Cup will take place in April and then tryouts

How many teams does the Club have?

When numbers allow we form two teams at each age group. If we had enough players of quality we would form three teams per age group but typically we do not have enough players. The number of teams formed at any age group will be the decision of the Director of Coaching and the coaching staff. In the event we have enough for three teams in an age group then we will do so.

If there are two or three teams in each age group, is one better than the other?

If we form two or three teams they will likely be split by ability and an A, B, and C team will be formed. Please note however that we do try to provide the players within both teams the opportunity to develop their soccer skills. This really does depend on the level of the players trying out. If we feel that the age group would be better suited by forming an A and then two B teams we may do that.

What if I moved here after tryouts, or missed tryouts, and want to play on one of your teams?

Contact LOSC (fraser@losc.org) and we will figure out where we think is the best place for the player to start. No one can circumvent the tryout process.

So, what do I do if I'm going to miss tryouts?

Inform the LOSC Director of Coaching of your willingness to play with our club. We cannot promise to hold a space open for you but where circumstances allow we can. If the A and B team at your age group were full then it may be possible for you to play up an age group until a space became available within your own age group.

What are the coaches looking for during the tryouts? How are the teams selected?

A typical soccer player is going to be observed using the 4 pillars of player development. They are:

Technical (individual) skill

Tactical (playing within a group setting) skill

Physical (speed, size, strength, etc) skill

Psychological (decision making, ability to deal with errors) skill

As a competitive soccer club we form teams at the Classic level based on ability. So coaches will selected players who they deem as being the best in the four areas noted above. Coaches will also consider the balance of the team in that they will select players who are good defensively and then playing who are good on the attacking side of the ball. So all teams will be comprised of goalkeeper/s, defenders, midfielders, and forwards.

The major area a player can control is their technical skill. Players desiring to do as well as possible through a tryout process should aspire to manage the ball as effectively as possible.

How will I find out if I made a team?

You will be contacted by LOSC via telephone or email with regards to your team placement. We will do this as soon as we can after the tryouts have been completed.

How many players are on a team?

We use the roster size guidelines as per recommended by US Soccer Federation.

The decision as to how many players a team will hold is made by the relevant team Head Coach in conjunction with the Director of Coaching.

How much playing time will I get in a game?

This depends on a number of factors. No set time is given due to the fact that exact playing time will depend on the age group (actual length of the game) and the number of players on your team. We do hope however that you will receive a satisfactory amount of playing time. If you do not receive a satisfactory amount of playing time then you are encouraged to talk to your team coach about this. If you do not feel that the situation is resolved to your satisfaction then you may contact the Director of Coaching.

What kinds of reasons might cause me to lose playing time?

Playing time is based on ability level, attendance at practice, and work rate at practice.

You didn't mention playing time during important parts of the season or the Semi Finals and Final's tournaments when you were explaining playing time. What about them?

Classic soccer is competitive soccer. Throughout most of the soccer year every effort will be made to allow the individual to develop. However at times such as State Cup or during Out-of-State Tournaments club coaches will adopt a play to win attitude where the amount of playing time may not necessarily be satisfactory. It is expected that each coach be fair and that players playing a bulk of time satisfy the three points mentioned in the previous question. Our long term goal is player development but as this is a team sport there are occasions when the needs of the the team come before the needs of the individual player. Fortunately these occasions are rare but we do encourage our members to realize that soccer is a team sport and as a result the importance of the team supersedes the individual. But again, these occasions are rare.

How many tournaments will I play in?

The number and the level of tournaments you play in will depend on the age and individual level of your team. We will do our best to inform families on each team of the plan for the season for an individual team at the beginning of the season.Teams will do between 2 and 4 tournaments in a summer. Exact attendance will be based on player availability and the coaches plan for the team.


Is there a code of conduct for players?

Yes, there is a player handbook that contains a code of conduct that all players are expected to adhere to. Please contact losc@losc.org for a copy.

Parent/Guardian Questions

What are the costs associated with Classic Soccer?

The costs associated with playing Classic Soccer are determined by the level of commitment by each player and the team that they are placed on.

You should check the FEES section on the FALL CLASSIC link. Beginning in the Fall of 2014 LOSC will begin charging one fee for the year. Up until this point we have charged separately in the fall and in the spring. We are adjusting the way we operate to streamline our business operation.

I heard we could register online. Where do I do that?

Go to the www.losc.org homepage and there will be a registration section on the left that you need to click on.

How often are practices held?

Typically your team will practice twice per week. This will ultimately depend on your team coach, the period of the season, and field availability. Training sessions will last between 75 and 90 minutes.

Should I work on my skills outside of training/games?

Yes. While our teams train twice per week if you really want to enjoy the game you should plan on spending more time developing your skills outside of training and games. The more you can do with a ball the more you will enjoy the game and the more you can do with a ball the likelihood is your coach will play you more.

Does the club provide skills trainings during the season on top of team trainings?

Yes. Over the course of the year the club will provide additional skills sessions aimed at helping players develop their skills.

Am I able to train with other teams to get some additional time on a ball?

Absolutely. Part of the benefit of being a member of our club is being able to train with other teams. However, this should be in addition to what you are doing with your current team. You should check in with your team coach and ask her/him who they feel would be the best team for you to train with.

What if we have conflicts with other sports?

Players will not be punished for playing different sports but preference from a playing time standpoint is typically given to those who have a good attendance and work rate at practice. Furthermore, the development of a soccer player is a long-term process so players should try to attend as many practices as possible.

Who leads our team?

The head coach for your team will lead your team. Typically, he/she will have an assistant coach. There will also be a team manager who will help communication between the coach and the team. The head coach will also communicate with the Director of Coaching to help them with dealing with the team.

What does a team manager do?

Lots of things. The team manager acts as the facilitator of information between the coach and the parents. Some team managers will do more. For a full description contact the LOSC office.

How do we get our team uniforms?

Once you have paid the uniform fee you will likely be distributed your uniform through your team manager or someone from the LOSC office will contact you regarding pick up. Tursi's Soccer Store (503-635-2202) handle uniforms for LOSC.

What makes up a team uniform?

Check the uniform package form on the forms section of this website.

How do I handle a problem or concern?

Speak to either your team manager or the coach for your team. If you cannot get your problem resolved then contact the LOSC office.

Is there a code of conduct for parents?

Parents are expected to act in a manner, which represents the club in a positive way at all times.
Parents are role models for their children and other children. Applaud good work by your child’s team and by the other team.
Parents should not coach or referee from the sidelines.
Parents will not shout at players, coaches, or officials. Show a positive attitude and this will rub off on your child.
Parents will encourage their children to listen to the coach and will de-emphasize winning.
Parents should offer help where they can to the volunteer coach of their child’s team.
Parents will demand their children to show respect to opposing players, coaches, or parents regardless of race, gender, creed, ability, or age.
Parents should place their own child’s well being before their own personal desire to win.
Parents will never strike, threaten to strike, or lay a hand on official, player, coach, or spectator.


Is there a code of conduct for coaches?

Coaches are expected to act in a manner, which represents the club in a positive way at all times.
Coachesare role models for their players. Applaud good work by your players and by the other team.
Coaches should not yell consistently at any officials from the sidelines. PLEASE RESPECT!!!!
Coaches will show a positive attitude and this will rub off on your players.
Coaches will encourage their players to listen and will de-emphasize winning while emphasizing the importance of a good work ethic as a necessary part of the development of any soccer player.
Coaches will demand their players show respect to opposing players, coaches, or parents regardless of race, gender, creed, ability, or age.
Coaches will never strike, threaten to strike, or lay a hand on official, player, coach, or spectator.

How are coaches selected?

The final coaching assignments are made by the LOSC DOC and LOSC DYD. Coaches are selected based on their ability to teach the game of soccer and their ability to work in a positive way with young soccer players.

Does a coach keep the same team from U11 through U14?

No, typically a coach will stay with a team for two years. However, sometimes this is not the case if a coach moves away for whatever reason. The club is proud of the level of staff involved and is confident that whatever coach your child has will provide them with the opportunity to develop.

Will the coach give me an evaluation of my child's play?

Yes, you can speak to your coach about your child through the course of the season. You will also receive a written evaluation from your team coach at the end of the season.

I'm not a coach but what should I expect from the team's coach?

Each coach is expected to provide a positive atmosphere for the players on the team. Please try not to evaluate your overall experience on playing time. Players develop through quality training, which they will participate in over the course of the season. If you have questions then feel free to communicate with your team coach. While the coach and the club have a role to play in the development of the player it is important to recognize that development will only occur with a commitment to improve by the player also.

Club Contacts

If you have a comment or query please forward it to: fraser@losc.org